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Not sure which Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board to buy?

Our beach activity partners, Green Water Sports, have reviewed several inflatable paddle boards by the industry leading inflatable SUP brand, Red Paddle Co. They reviewed a board in each of the main areas you would expect to SUP. A surf style paddle board, a cruising/all round paddle board and finally, a racing paddle board. All […]

Paddle boarding or SUP health benefits

New to SUP? Green Water Sports wrote a great article “why paddle boarding is so good for us?” Then read their guides for choosing an inflatable SUP paddle board and choosing a SUP paddle. Here is an excerpt from “Why is paddle boarding so good for us?” at GreenWaterSports.com: Paddle boarding is a great all over body workout. […]

Buying a Red Paddle Co SUP

Buying a stand up paddle board (SUP) is really very simple. Our beach activity partners at Green Water Sports are the respected authority on inflatable Red Paddle Co SUPs and they’ve provided a few easy guides for paddle boarding beginners. Firstly, you’ll want to consult this quick guide to choosing a Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board […]

Ke Nalu SUP paddles – which one do I choose?

Ke Nalu is a plug and play SUP paddle system. All blades, shafts and handles are interchangeable which makes for easy customisation and upgrading Ke Nalu currently offers 7 blades, 5 shafts and 5 handle options. The blades are all carbon (almost): Elite Molokai Elite Maliko Elite Wiki xTuf Molokai xTuf Maliko xTuf Wiki Honu […]

How do I assemble my Ke Nalu SUP paddle?

Our activity partners over at Green Water Sports have released a quick guide on how to assemble your Ke Nale SUP paddles. The Ke Nalu SUP paddles arrive in separate pieces. Blade, shaft and handle. To assemble, it really is quite simple, don’t worry! Other fixed length SUP paddles require the same trimming of the […]